Julian Dimitrov Jordanov 介紹

Julian Dimitrov Jordanov 朱利安.喬丹諾夫

Julian Dimitrov Jordanov
朱利安.喬丹諾夫保加利亞 България

  • 保加利亞世界級版畫藝術大師


  • 1965年 出生於保加利亞洛維奇
  • 1995年 保加利亞索菲亞國家美術學院 碩士
  • 1~3屆瓦爾納國際版畫藏書票大賽藝術總監
  • 擅長銅板與石版,腐蝕和飛塵技法出神入化



The project "Zodiac Signs" is a magnificent idea which is building the bridge between different cultures with it's multipurpose nature, giving at the same time possibilities for individual interpretation of the symbols. For me is a big pleasure and honor to be part of this event together with such important names of contemporary graphic artists with great talent, high professional skills and unique point of view at the surrounding world.
—— by Julian Dimitrov Jordanov

—— by 朱利安.喬丹諾夫

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